Of Gums and Dentures


Sa title pa lang, B movie na B movie ang dating ng Drag me to Hell. Kaya nga pinanood ko dahil sa campy feel ng title, poster, at trailer. And I wasn’t disappointed.

1. Ito ang masasabi ko: Mrs. Ganush FTW!!!

2. Hag fight with lots and lots of gums and dentures involved. Mrs Ganush biting Christine with her gums is riot.

3. LOL and hilarious lines: “I beat you, you old bitch!” “Here kitty, kitty…” (poor cat. haha!)

4. Classic Raimi. Love the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness tongue in cheek humor in the film.

5.  Chilling high pitched violin = Fantastic sound effects.

6. Superb ending. Predictable, but superb. Di ko pa rinmakalimutan ang pag-atras ni Christine sa train station. haha!

7. Talking goat, squirting nosebleeds, stapled eyeball, an eyeball in a piece of cake, evil panyo, greenish and yellowish phlegms, gums, and more gums. Panoorin ninyo na lang.

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