Philippines Ripe Literary Magazine has set out on an undertaking to offer the most engaging reading practice for literature in the country. Featuring fresh literary pieces from Filipino writers, the magazine will be presented in a fascinating format that prides itself on revolutionary design, graphic, and shooting. The magazine will offer its community of dedicated readers the most preferred venue for Philippine writers to share their work.

It is a magazine with an audacious visualization for reading and amusement—one that holds on to its value over time and is never behind the times. Unswerving to distinction, Philippines Ripe Literary Magazine aims to refurbish itself and outline the future of reading pursuit for its readers.

Submission Guidelines

Philippines Ripe Literary Magazine publishes short fiction, poetry, essays, drama, book reviews, paintings, photographs, and digital art from a Filipino. Writers/artists at all stages of their careers are invited to apply; however, we can only publish a very small fraction of the material we receive. If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration, please refer to the guidelines below.


Philippines Ripe Literary Magazine is published once yearly. There is no formal reading period and work may be submitted at any time during the year.


Submissions should be addressed to

Roger B Rueda

The Castle

192 Bonifacio Drive

5000 Iloilo City

Please note that we accept e-mail submissions only from overseas contributors. If you live outside the Philippines, you may send your submission via e-mail. Please include your full name and mailing address in the email and attach your submission as a Microsoft Word document or a PDF.


For submissions by mail, please include a cover letter citing recent publications, relevant degrees and awards, and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Manuscripts must be paginated and clearly labeled with the author’s name on every page. Please limit your submission to no more than five poems, two short plays, or 7,000 words of prose, and do not submit more than twice in one year. If you would like us to consider work in more than one genre, please send each piece in a separate envelope with a separate cover letter.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, so long as we are notified of the work’s acceptance elsewhere. Do not send the only copy of your work, as we do not accept responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts. We try to respond within six months.


Please note that we do not accept unsolicited book reviews. If you are interested in reviewing for Philippines Ripe Literary Magazine, please write to the editor, enclosing two or more recent clips.

Roger B Rueda’s Editorial Philosophy: I am excited most by poems that defamiliarize the well-known, poems that are taut and elegant in their unfolding, yet not overwrought or overtly inventive. A plain style can be as compelling as one that reaches for transcendent utterance, while poems that delve into underexplored areas or risk saying the unsayable also capture my attention. I like poems that exhibit rich moments of figuration, poems that are conscious of rhythm and meaning, and poems that make claims on our lives or enact historical, social, literary, and spiritual awareness, while remaining grounded in the multiple facets of our lives. For fiction: What am I looking for? The threshold for me is pretty basic: does this story make me want to keep reading it? Beyond that it’s really case by case. In general, I’ll go for something raw and strong over something polished and less strong, something strange over something familiar.



  1. rizalyn says:

    is there any way that i can submit articles of mine through email nalang po, because i encounter problems sending my stories to you.

  2. i just want to inquire if i submit my poem to your magazine, it would still be my property or it will become yours without me having my copyright? how will i know if my poem is copy of my work?if u don’t mind asking u of how am i sure that this is not a scam, please tell me? thank u in advance.

  3. raphi says:

    Would you happen to know if they have a company website? Thanks!

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